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Dounia Zellou - About

Photo credit: Arnaud Chaillou

I am Dounia Zellou - a Gen Y soulpreneur, corporate woman,

media creator, and transformational speaker. My passion lies in guiding organizations worldwide to embrace human development while tackling the contemporary challenges of our times.


But before we dive into the professional realm, I would love to share a little something personal with all of you. Born and raised in Morocco, my aspirations led me to study in France. Following the conventional path, I embraced the world of business school after 2 years in prep classes, and immersed myself in the fast-paced worlds of banking and consulting for almost a decade.

Dounia Zellou

Photo credit : Nora Houguenade

Then, in 2019, life threw me a curveball—a burnout that halted me in my tracks and urged me to embark on a new journey. During a period of two transformative years, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery driven by an insatiable curiosity, unwavering passion, and a relentless pursuit of purpose. Along this path, I explored and tested various techniques addressing human and organizational transformations, each of these experiences adding a unique layer to my story. I am certified as an Ericksonian-Solution Focused (ICF accredited) and Ikigaï Coach , Design Thinking, and Creativity for Business (INSEAD) Facilitator, Professional Trainer, Thetahealing®,Mindfulness Facilitation and EFT® (Emotional FreedomTechnique) practitioner. I am trained in Palo Alto Systemic Approach (Gregory Bateson Institute), Dance workshops Facilitation, Reinventing organizations map and other human-focused techniques that support individual and organizational transformations. On top of those certifications, my own experiences and transformational paths have taught me

Venturing into entrepreneurship, I launched my first venture a coaching-through-dance initiative in March 2020. However, fate had other plans, as the onset of COVID disrupted our plans and perceptions of dance in corporate world were more related to leisure than to a transformative tool. 6 months later I pivoted to Humanaya— a purpose-driven firm aimed at empowering organizational transformations blending traditional techniques with art and energy healing. Yet again, timing wasn’t on our side.​

It was a lesson in patience and perseverance—one that paved the way for the launch of the Re.connections podcast in 2021 and the production of Danse Demain in 2023. Through it all, I’ve learned that pioneering new organizational models demands not just passion and strength, but also a deep-seated commitment and a generous dose of love and support.

Master of Ceremony - Diploma ceremony Program "Boursiers Excellence major"

Master of Ceremony - Diploma ceremony Program "Boursiers Excellence major"

My mission is simple, yet profound: to shape better futures by empowering change-makers and organizations to dream big and embrace their true potential. Whether collaborating with executives in Paris, researchers in Canada, or artists in Morocco, my goal remains unwavering—to elevate our collective vision and cultivate communities grounded in innovation and inclusivity.​ When I’m not immersed in new projects, you’ll find me lost in the rhythm of salsa, exploring the beauty of the world, connecting to other humans or writing.​Eager to connect? Reach out on LinkedIn or Instagram. Let’s ignite some magic together and reimagine the future—one graceful step, one heartfelt conversation, one empowering connection at a time.

Master of Ceremony - Diploma ceremony Program "Boursiers Excellence major"

Photo credit : Chloé Signès

Premiere of Danse Demain documentary - June, 8th 2023 at le Forum des images in Paris. 

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