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About Dounia


I’m Dounia, and I support human and organizational transformations for a more purpose-driven and happy world. I help entrepreneurs & change-makers embrace authentic leadership and I am the founder of Humanaya, a purpose-driven organization that supports organizations reconnect to their purpose and get aligned behind it. Keep reading if you’re wondering how I got into the field and how we might be called to co-create together.


But first, I’d love to share a little something personal with all of you. I grew up in Morocco and have lived across the globe in Lyon, Paris, Barcelona, London, Taipei and moved recently in Valencia, my heart land. I speak French, Arabic, Spanish, & English and am comfortable offering my services in either of these languages.



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My certifications: 
Ericksonian-Solution Focused Coach (ICF accredited)
- Mindfulness Facilitator
- EFT®
(Emotional FreedomTechnique)
- Ikigaï Coaching
- Thetahealing ®
(DNA Base & Advanced)
- Design Thinking, and Creativity for Business (INSEAD)

My trainings: 
 Palo Alto Systemic Approach (Gregory Bateson Institute)
- Dance workshops Facilitation



I began my journey of helping others after I experienced burnout. I wasn’t true to my genuine self in my previous professional position. So I quit. It was one of the scariest yet most liberating experiences in my life. Leaving allowed me to focus on what my soul needed to thrive. A new vortex of passion, possibilities, and desires emerged. I had found my calling.


My educational background involves various training from all around the world. I am certified in Ericksonian-Solution Focused Coaching, Mindfulness Facilitation, Emotional Freedom Technique®, Thetahealing®, Ikigaï Coaching, Design Thinking, and Creativity for Business (INSEAD). In addition, I am trained in Palo Alto Systemic Approach (Gregory Bateson Institute) and dance facilitation and I hold a Master of Sciences in Management from E.M. Lyon Business School.


I take a holistic approach to leadership awakening through the interocation of mind, body & soul. I’m incredibly passionate about dance and movement, and I integrate it in my approach to supports mind & intuition as well as feminine and masculine energies to coexist together, in balance and harmony.


Additionally, I chose to offer my services 100% remotely to connect with more people and allow other like-minded people to connect globally, create, and share their journey as they go through similar paths.

For more information about how Humanaya supports conscious organizational transformations that contribute to a more purpose-driven and sustainable world please visit our website

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Talks about


Healing Power of Dance

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Reinventing organizations

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" I was curious to try the Ikigaï method but I wanted to do it with a trusted person. Dounia is a kind and a great listener.


I felted very confortable to open myself with her.

The session allowed me to make sense on some feelings I had about my work that I couldn't understand before and to find which professional path I wanted to follow."

Elise B. - Communication Officer

Sharing their Experience

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