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​Welcome to a space of new possibilities & re.connection.s.....



This podcast is born from the observation that many entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, and healers worldwide struggle with finding their right place as they feel they don't fit in any of the worlds they know. Does it resonate with you?


Being an entrepreneur, an artist, a healer, a leader, or a scientist... What if you didn't have to choose?

What if you could embody your true self all the time and no matter the environment? 


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The intention behind RE.CONNECTIONS podcast is to open new flows between entrepreneurship, art and spirituality, to empower the new generation of change makers, entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, healers and everyone who feels concerned to FIND, CREATE, TAKE, CULTIVATE their right place.

With this in mind, Re.connections podcast holds a space for MULTI-DIMENSIONAL talks with EXTRAORDINARY guests from all over the world.  We talk from our hearts and minds about human transformation, societal evolution and re.connection.s experiences to self, to others and to nature.

Every Friday, discover a new episode. The podcast is international, therefore, episodes will be published in French, English or Spanish.​

We are happy to have you as a listener !

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