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Humanaya Ai

Empowering sustainable transformations


Founded in 2020, HUMAN ·A ·YA is a house of transformations dedicated to pioneering the next generation organizations.


With a disruptive approach to transformation, we combine various disciplines including arts, somatics, and human sciences to empower and bring to life new imaginaries that shape the future of organizations.  We work with corporations, education institutions and non-profit organizations, offering innovative trainings, coaching and consulting services aimed at empowering both human and organizational development.


Our bespoke offerings are designed and delivered by our global community of conscious facilitators comprising change-makers, business leaders, artists, researchers, and experts. At HUMAN ·A ·YA, we cultivate connections among people, disciplines, cultures, generations and energies to facilitate sustainable transformations.


With headquarters in Paris, and upcoming office openings in Casablanca and Spain, we operate globally, delivering services both online and in person.

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DANSE DEMAIN (DANCE TOMORROW) is a documentary essay produced by Dounia Zellou in 2023, that invites individuals and organizations to collectively reflect upon the benefits of integrating dance and movement into our systems as a solution to the human challenges we face, particularly in well-being, social inclusion and peace.

Since then, the documentary is being screened worldwide (United States, France, Belgium, Canada…) at universities, corporates, health institutions, raising awareness about the evolution of dance practice and opening new spaces to reconnect with this universal language.


In 2024, a movement is born rallying a broad community of multidisciplinary actors from around the world who are working to promote dance as a tool for well-being, social inclusion, and peace.

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Launched in 2021, RE.CONNECTIONS podcast ignites profound conversations where art, business and sensitivity intersect fostering a collaborative exploration of innovative organizational and societal models.


With over 5000 downloads to date, RE.CONNECTIONS continues to resonate deeply, laying the groundwork for the emergence of a soulful connection club by the close of 2024.

22 episodes are available for free access.

#1 We are all immigrants with MISHKA KAPADIA

#2 Allier entrepreneuriat, hypersensibilité et bienveillance, c'est possible avec Céline AFONSO-TIREL

#3 Life and Death cycle with Omar ENFEDAQUE

#4 Oser révélér son âme d'artiste avec ART DE PLAGE SAINT MALO

#5 Se reconnecter à son écrivain intérieur avec Joséane TOULOUSE

#6 La communication animale avec Kenza ZAINOUNE

#7 D'un monde à l'autre avec Delphine DUPLOYER

#8 A la croisée des mondes et des arts avec Nora HOUGUENADE

#9 Suivre la voie du cœur avec Solenn THOMAS

#10 Celebrating International Women's Day with Dounia ZELLOU and Mishka KAPADIA

#11 Les hypersensibles spirituels avec Géraldyne PREVOT GIGANT

#12  Le pouvoir de la rencontre avec Ludovic HURAUX

#13 Se reconnecter à soi avec Chantal MALLET

#14 Libérer sa créativité avec Julie VARIN

#15 Inclusive Dance with Clint LUTES

#16 Autrement que l'école avec Julie DEBORD

#17 La danse pour tous avec Sheherazade BOYER TAMI

#18 Suivre ses rêves avec Isabelle LAYER

#19 L'école de la vie avec Julien PERRON

#20 Se reconnecter à son souffle avec Catharina VON BARGEN

#20 BONUS - Méditation explorer son souffle avec Catharina von BARGEN

#21 The power of human design with Stéphanie SMOLDERS

#22 Creando cambio social a traves del cine con SAMUEL SEBASTIAN


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My next project is a book that is under writing.


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