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Reconnecting worlds

to build a better World

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Meet Dounia

My name Dounia means the world in arabic. On my path I have been exploring different "worlds". From corporate to healing and dance environments, I struggled with finding my right place. I felt I belonged to all those environments without being able to choose ONE of them. So I decided to connect all those parts of me in my life and in my business. 

To serve my vision, I support human and organizational transformations that contribute to building a more purpose-driven and happy world, through a holistic approach at the croassroads between business, art and spirituality.

Because I do believe that deep and sustainable transformations start at leaders' level, I support entrepreneurs, visionnaries and change makers who struggle with finding the right place in their business, to develop their authentic leadership and align their business with their purpose.

I am also the Founder of Humanaya, a Paris-based company whose mission is to support organizational conscious transformations. Humanaya provides holistic change management services to organizations of all sizes and industries worldwide. Our services, delivered by conscious facilitatorsinclude virtual workshops, development programs and energy release sessions. 


I host Re.connections podcast, a show that reconnects entrepreneurship, art and spirituality to empower the new generation of change makers, leaders, entrepreneurs and healers. Every friday, I am happy to interview an extra-ordinary guest for a multi-dimensional talk. We talk about reconnection to self, others and nature and open doors to think and build a better world.

I also create content and customized experiences to co-create together the transformations the world needs to move forward consciously.

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Signature programs are designed for sensitive change makers, leaders and healers who want to uplevel their contribution to the world.

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Sharing their Experience

" I was curious to try the Ikigaï method but I wanted to do it with a trusted person. Dounia is a kind and a great listener.


I felted very confortable to open myself with her.

The session allowed me to make sense on some feelings I had about my work that I couldn't understand before and to find which professional path I wanted to follow."

Elise B. - Communication Officer




The intention behind RE.CONNECTIONS podcast is to open new flows between entrepreneurship, art and spirituality to empower the new generation of change makers, entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, healers and everyone who feels concerned to FIND, CREATE, TAKE, CULTIVATE their right place.

Every Friday, Dounia Zellou interviews one extraordinary guest. They talk from their  hearts and minds about human transformation, society evolution and re.connection.s experiences to self, to the others and to nature.


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Work with Dounia
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